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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Review

As a mother of four, I am always searching for ways to save that hard-earned cash. In these tough economic times, it's just not feasible to drive from place-to-place, looking for that perfect deal, so I do a great deal of my shopping online.

Most of you know that I am a research nut when it comes to finding bargains, and how I love to share these finds with my readers. I was recently approached to write a review for
, and I am just thrilled that they have given me this opportunity to spread the word.
Fresh Deals, although fairly new, is a wonderful resource for those of us who like to find the latest and greatest deals on products we use on a day-to-day basis! I have ventured other comparative shopping sites, but Fresh Deals is, bar none, far superior!
Not only does Fresh Deals find up-to-the-minute pricing on a plethora of products from major retailers, it goes a step beyond, setting itself apart from similar sites with an innovative Questions and Answers Forum.

Every product listed on the website has a link to post a question you may have about a particular product. Fresh Deal's experts or other users within the community can provide the answer. If you have experience with a particular product, and you would like to share your expertise, you can do so in this forum, as well.
Fresh Deal's Q&A forum is fully interactive, and offers a more personalized means of making a fully-educated purchase.

Click on the "deals" tab on the upper right side of the homepage, and you will be lead to the
Freshest Deals, along with promotional codes and special offers to save even more on a variety of other retail websites.

Sign in with your facebook account, or browse the site anonymously. When you find a deal that's just too good to keep to yourself, simply click on the "share this page" link in the upper right-hand corner to email, tweet, or post your money-
saving find to facebook.

If you know exactly what you're wanting to compare, simply type it in the search box. If you would rather browse by category, check out the wide variety of
categories sure to tickle your shopping fancy.

I will definitely be utilizing for my upcoming holiday shopping ritual. I encourage you to check out the Fresh Deals website for yourself, and see how effortless it is to locate the freshest deals.

This review was sponsored by Although I was compensated to compile this review, these are, as always, my personal, honest opinions. I had agreed to write this review because this service would be beneficial to my readers, as well as myself.


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Angela McCoy is a freelance writer/editor, military wife and work at home mom (WAHM) to four boys with special needs. Her writing encompasses a myriad of topics -- Autism, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Cystinosis, Fanconi's Syndrome, kidney transplant, and more -- influenced by her two teenagers and seven-year-old twins. She considers writing to be therapeutic and utilizes her skills to counsel and inspire her readers. Angela is a quick-witted, 'no holds barred,' tell it like it is' humorist who has learned that laughter truly is the best antidote to life's adversities.

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