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Friday, September 11, 2009

Update: Enough is ENOUGH! I'm DONE!

Update: I must say that the more I read this post, the more I regret it. I wrote this post as a way of venting my frustrations over the situation, and as a therapeutic means of 'getting it all out.'

This is just not me--to speak in this foul manner, or to outright blame a person for their child's behavior. I know better, and feel I should apologize for my use of slang and raw emotions.

I will leave this post up, as it is, though. I had thought about deleting it out of personal guilt, but I know there are others out there who are dealing with these same frustrations, and could good dose of sarcasm. So, this is for you! :o)~

I know a blog is very public, and I know it may (someday) be read by this child's parents. However, this is my personal venting space, as well. My diary, if you will. Although, not private by any means, it is still my stomping ground--a place where I am free to write my feelings . . . my therapy.

Writing has always helped me deal with every day life. I've learned, over the course of many years and a multitude of 'not so' pleasant experiences, to channel my frustrations and concerns into my writing. Raw emotions are received much better than typical articles, so I include those as well.

The original post will remain here (go ahead . . . click it! You know you want to). Step into my world, if you dare! MUUUaaah Ha ha HA! You have been forewarned, though. Read in the absence of innocent by-standers.

Some very positive things have happened today, and I will provide an update after all those under thirty-(cough cough) seven go to bed.


really.truly September 12, 2009 at 4:55 PM  

Your blog is just that ....YOUR blog. Write what you want. I know that I could relate to what you wrote ;) I love your honesty!

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Angela McCoy is a freelance writer/editor, military wife and work at home mom (WAHM) to four boys with special needs. Her writing encompasses a myriad of topics -- Autism, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Cystinosis, Fanconi's Syndrome, kidney transplant, and more -- influenced by her two teenagers and seven-year-old twins. She considers writing to be therapeutic and utilizes her skills to counsel and inspire her readers. Angela is a quick-witted, 'no holds barred,' tell it like it is' humorist who has learned that laughter truly is the best antidote to life's adversities.

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