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Monday, November 23, 2009

Pouchee Review: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Any Woman!

I can't even tell you how many times I've held up the check-out lane at the local grocer, while digging through my huge, one-pocket slouch purse, searching for my checkbook, coupons, or change.

How many of you have found yourself on a blind search for change as you're traveling down the highway and approaching a toll booth? Raise your hand if you've ever found yourself face-deep in a dark purse, searching for your glasses, chapstick, or any other elusive essential?

How about all those times that your cell phone rings, and you miss the call because it was buried under all that internal purse clutter? Not to mention those personal safety concerns, such as trying to find your car keys in a dimly lit parking lot on the way out to your car from an evening shopping spree at the mall?

We are all guilty of a disorganized purse at one time or another. Admittedly, more often than not, I would have to dump my entire purse just to find one small item. Not anymore, though!

Pouchee to the Rescue!

I was given the opportunity to review the fabulous, 'makes life so much easier' Pouchee, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the transformation! I was able to fit all of my daily essentials into the pouchee!

Finding the necessary items is, now, phenomenally easy! I can finally switch purses in a flash, without the worry of leaving anything behind, or not being able to locate the essentials in a purse with an unfamiliar compartment layout.

If I had known about this when my twins were babies, life would have been so much easier. This is a perfect gift for new mothers! There's no need to carry more than your baby and a diaper bag with the Pouchee! Just toss it in the diaper bag and go. Everything you need will be neatly maintained and easily accessible.

This is the perfect holiday gift for all the women in your life -- stay-at-home moms (aka domestic engineers), career women, teachers, college students, campers, hikers, diva daughters, sisters, grandmothers, and even that nosy neighbor! Hey, it's the season of giving, right?


  • Handy Rings for ease of changing purses and bags.
  • Outside pockets for pens, sunglasses, mobile phone, credit cards, keys etc.
  • Inside pockets for lipsticks or small flashlights
  • Inside Zippered pockets for change or personal items.
  • Inside dividers to keep everything organized.


Width: 7.5”
Height: 5.25”
Depth: 3.5”

Roomy Interior

Logo Front

Pocketed Back

Check out this fine craftsmanship!

Check out Organize with Sandy for a large selection of colors in both cotton and leatherette materials!

* Features and Dimensions text, as well as photo credits go to

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Beckie December 3, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

wow those are really cool!Need to check out their site

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