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Friday, April 17, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings Week 312

Week 312:

1. Arrival :: Friends welcome. Relatives by appointment only, on the second Tuesday of every week.

2. Vomit :: Oh that blows some major chunks!

3. Fit :: Far from it

4. Stutter :: Did I?

5. Lifestream :: Row, Row, Row your boat

6. Tread :: If you can't see Abe's head, your screwed!

7. Desire :: I gave up asking long ago. It never matters what Mom wants.

8. Freezing :: I want to get away from this weather and back home to Texas

9. Permit :: Oh great! Now I have to have a permit for that, too? What's next?

10. Crinkle :: my plans are full of those


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Angela McCoy is a freelance writer/editor, military wife and work at home mom (WAHM) to four boys with special needs. Her writing encompasses a myriad of topics -- Autism, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Cystinosis, Fanconi's Syndrome, kidney transplant, and more -- influenced by her two teenagers and seven-year-old twins. She considers writing to be therapeutic and utilizes her skills to counsel and inspire her readers. Angela is a quick-witted, 'no holds barred,' tell it like it is' humorist who has learned that laughter truly is the best antidote to life's adversities.

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